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After beginning college at a very early age, Dr. Michael Mazaheri spent the next 13 years of his life studying to become an eye surgeon. Having earned his Bachelors of Science in chemistry from George Mason University, Dr. Mazaheri went on to earn his medical degree from East Virginia Medical School. Following a pediatrics internship at Georgetown Medical Center, Dr. Mazaheri attended the State University of New York for his eye surgery training and then headed to Johns Hopkins, one of the leading eye institutes in the world. Read more
What is the No-Cutting technique?
Lasik or intralasik involves a flap-making procedure, after removing the flap then you can place the excimer laser to correct the prescription. In the flapless version we do not cut, but instead remove the epithelium and reach the cornea at a much less superficial layer. This also leaves much more cornea tissue available for the patient. Many patients with thin cornea do qualify under this ‘no cut’ Lasik version. Read more

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About the No-Cutting technique
Custom Lasik with Wavefront Technology. Custom Lasik with Wavefront technology.
For patients with higher-order vision abnormalities, conventional LASIK may not be able to yield optimal results. The custom LASIK Dallas surgery now available to patients in Dallas, Richardson, and throughout the DFW Metroplex (Dallas Fort Worth) uses Wavefront™ technology to improve the quality of vision. By creating a unique map of the eye, the Wavefront™ system offers a greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision through Dallas LASIK surgery, and can reduce or eliminate night-vision disturbances. To learn more about Wavefront™ guided LASIK surgery, contact our Dallas area LASIK eye surgery center today. Read more

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